Ethics Review Committee

Welcome to the official website of the Ethics Review Committee (ERC) of the Faculty of Health-Care Sciences, Eastern University, Sri Lanka.

The primary objective of the Ethics Review Committee (ERC), Faculty of Health-Care Sciences, Eastern University, Sri Lanka is to review the ethics of medical research involving human participants, tissue and data; and animals used in research in a medical setting. The ERC would safeguard the dignity, rights, safety and wellbeing of all actual or potential research participants and ensure that animals used for research also treated humanely. This will be achieved through efficient and effective review and monitoring processes in accordance with the Guidelines of the Forum of Ethics Review Committees in Sri Lanka (FERCSL guidelines) and other relevant national and international legislations and guidelines.

We attempt to contribute to the highest attainable quality of scientific and ethics research, to provide reassurance to the public that proper ethics standards are maintained in research with the aim of safeguarding their rights.


Dr. K T. Sundaresan, Chairperson
Dr(Mrs).M.Thayabaran, Secretary
Dr. (Ms) R. Sanjeev, Senior lecturer in Biochemistry
Dr. K. Arulanandem, Senior lecturer in Family Medicine
Dr.G.Kishokanth, Senior lecturer in Nursing
Ms. N. Sathiesswaran, Senior lecturer in Microbiology
Dr. M. Roshini, Senior lecturer in Pharmacology
Mr. S. Santharooban, Senior Assistant Librarian, FHCS, EUSL.
Mr. P. Youhasan, Lecturer (Prob) in Medical Education & Research.
Dr. (Ms) C. Vamadevan, Consultant Pediatrician, Teaching Hospital, Batticaloa.
Dr. M S. Ibbralebbe, Director, Teaching Hospital, Batticaloa.
Dr. A L F. Rahman, Medical Superintendent, Ashraf memorial Hospital, Kalmunai.


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