Faculty of Health – Care Sciences aims to be a national center of excellence for higher learning and research with a competitive advantage, responsive to the dynamics of the regional, national and global conditions.


To produce men and women of highest professional standards in the practice and delivery of health – care.


"Health for All" through Peace, Compassion, Care and Research.

Message from Dean

dean Sri Lanka is a nation which boasts remarkable achievements in health-care statistics in the region. The efficient organisation of the health system in the country as well as the dedicated service of health-care staff at all levels could be identified as the main contributory factors towards these achievements. However until recently only the profession of doctors was considered worthy of a degree from a university. This feature is quite contrast to the developed world and other developing countries where almost all health-care professions have recognised degrees. The uniqueness of each field has to be recognized and respected in order to achieve high standards.

Fortunately in the recent years medical schools in many state universities in Sri Lanka have recognised this defect and have started offering degree programmes in fields of health-care like nursing, rehabilitation, medical laboratory, pharmacy etc. along with medicine.

The Faculty of Health-care Sciences, Eastern University was also conceived with this broad outlook in mind. As the delivery of health-care involves many professions, it is only proper for the Faculty to offer degrees in many if not all the related health fields under one roof. At present the FHCS offers degree programmes in MBBS and BSc (Nursing), internal and external.  Read More...

Overseas Undergraduate Electives Appointments

The Faculty of Healthcare Sciences, Eastern University Sri Lanka (FHCS, EUSL) is one of the eight state-run Medical Faculties in Sri Lanka. We offer elective appointments to overseas medical undergraduates in the clinical fields of Medicine, Surgery, Paediatrics, Gynecology, and Obstetrics